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BitcoinSwift is a fork designed around the original Bitcoin Core with added features including TX guaranteed speeds of less than 45 Seconds for FULL confirmation (Tested on mainnet 01/03/2019). Speed & Security is what Bitcoin consists of, we all want fast secure transactions. No one likes waiting in a queue for your payment to go through, you wouldn't wait 2 hours for the cashier to “Confirm” your local currency so why should your Crypto be any different? We have achieved this unique platform using custom build algorithms which is distributed amongst a decentralized network. Our team of developers & advisors has grown to over 60 in just 16 days of launching the platform to the public. We have some well known members within our board which have all contributed to the build and the foundation's of BitcoinSwift.

SPEED AND SECURITY! This is all we need to say really, with transactions that are as secure as the top 2 privacy coins and at the point of our fork will be the fastest confirmation blockchain available to the public globally this is a pretty big deal to us! With Speed & Security we hope to endorse larger opportunities we have set many business plans to put forward for a BitcoinSwift ETF following bitcoin we have proposed this to NASDAQ and will look forward to the advance with Bitcoins ETF.

We plan to distribute our code (or part of it) to the public, we will be rolling out code in several stages. We would like to share all of our code to be fully transparent and show the fork community where we are with the project, certain segments will have to main private to ensure we do not lose our competitive advantage.

Of course, Given enough time & resources any system can be attacked but our AI has some great algorithms to prevent attacks we would be surprised if someone did hack our blockchain! Attacks would not affect any assets or private information as this is stored off server and would only effect the general use of transactions and viewing balances remotely. All malicious activity will be dealt with promptly.

You will be able to withdraw your BTCSWT on 11th June 2019 we will have listed the compatible wallets on our website before this date to make sure you can prepare, we will also be listing the exchanges BTCSWT will be available on which you may also withdraw too.

You can purchase the BTCSWT fork coins from your dashboard when you are logged in please navigate to this URL You can purchase between 100 - 1,000,000 BTCSWT here which will be available to withdraw from 11th June 2019.

If you have paid and your order is still pending after 12 hours please check your dashboard and navigate to the transactions tab here to see the why the order is pending, please check the received amount and total amount received. If your order is not completed after 12 hours and full amount received please contact our support team at

We have a set amount of BTCSWT to distribute via rewards & bounties our ranking system is a little way of us saying thank you to the most active users based on contribution & referral amounts. Rewards are listed on our ranking page here you can see your current level below the rewards table (Please note you must be logged in to view your ranking level & reward). All ranking rewards will be paid out within 7 days of fork completion on 11th June 2019, users who qualify for a reward will be emailed to confirm reward addressee.

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