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BTCSwift Features

Crazy Fast!

The whole point of BTCSwift is SPEED! You don't wait in a shop for confirmation so why should blockchain payments be different? BitcoinSwift allows users to make payments which take less than 45 seconds to confirm.

Tiny Fees

Send funds anywhere around the globe for literally just pennies. We just do not see the need to charge such high fees when we it costs us just pennies to make the transfer on our blockchain.

Very Simple

BitcoinSwift has been designed with the everyday user in mind, meaning extra adoption potential from young adults to OAP BitcoinSwift can be used with ease by all ages.

Secure Blockchain

We are currently using some of the world's most robust blockchain technology some of which has been specifically designed for BitcoinSwift to help increase speed & security. .

For Everything & Everyone.

Our network has been created to eliminate any downtime this includes delayed confirmations we have AI in place to make sure all transactions on our Blockchain are confirmed within our 45 second threshold.

BTCSwift Random Facts

Important Dates

Early Fork Members

We are offering a presale for the early members so those who help build BTCSwift will be rewarded by a 50% purchase bonus.
Tokens are just 0.0001btc during our early fork members presale.

General Sale Opens

This is where the fork starts to come to life, with new features being activated within the dashboard at this stage.
Tokens are 0.001btc during our fork sale.

Our Blockchain Is Online

BTCSwift will transfer from our testnet servers to mainnet on 11th June 2019.
All testing and results posted on our website is from our test platform on mainnet.